Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) Full Movie Review

  • James Bobin,
  • Linda Woolverton,
  • Lewis Carroll,
  • Johnny Depp,
  • Mia Wasikowska,
  • Helena Bonham Carter,
  • Anne Hathaway,
  • Sacha Baron Cohen,
  • Rhys Ifans,
  • Matt Lucas,
  • Lindsay Duncan,
  • Leo Bill,
  • Geraldine James,
  • Andrew Scott,
  • Richard Armitage,
  • Ed Speleers,
  • Alan Rickman,
  • Timothy Spall,
  • Paul Whitehouse,
  • Stephen Fry,
  • Barbara Windsor,
  • Michael Sheen,
  • Matt Vogel,
  • Paul Hunter,
  • Wally Wingert,
  • Meera Syal,
  • Hattie Morahan,
  • Louis Ashbourne Serkis,
  • Joanna Bobin,
  • Amelia Crouch,
  • Leilah de Meza,
  • Simone Kirby,
  • Joe Hurst,
Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) [Full Movie]

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  • 113 min
Release Date:
  • 27 May 2016

Alice Through the glass (2016) watch on-line free currently here, realize a top quality pic streaming and most popular language. Alice returns to the magic world of Underland, solely to search out the hatmaker during a frightful state. With the assistance of her friends, Alice should travel through time to save lots of the Mad hatmaker and Underland’s fate from the evil clutches of the Red Queen and a clock like creature, called Time.

Alice Through the glass is that the sequel to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland that no-one asked for, however nonetheless here it’s. we tend to come to the ugly world jam-packed with annoying caricatures for a second and hopefully final time (for the sake of my sanity).

The ensemble forged fail miserably. Mia Wasikowska’s enthusiasm is thus false associated condescending its as if shes rebuke an child kid the full means through the film. Sacha Baron Cohen associated grayback Depp each suffer from stupid voice syndrome as they each speak with a lisp and an accent that solely they understand what they were going for there. capital of Montana Bonham Carter reprises her roll because the massive headed (pun intended) Queen of Hearts, sulking her irritating very little means through this two hour cluster f*ck. Its onerous to worry concerning these characters after you square measure merely troubled to tolerate them within the 1st place.

The script is garbage. It’s affected by humourless jokes, puns that square measure thus unhealthy they don’t seem to be even funny and convenient exposition like “Oh no solely the come of the cronosphere will save United States currently.” Long story short its lazy and onerous to believe somebody was paid to put in writing this piece of sh*t. I do surprise if the dialogue within the script includes the stupid lisps and accents as a result of if so simply makes things worse.

The narrative is heavily imperfect from the beginning of this two hour pic automotive wreck. we tend to pay the primary five minutes hearing Alice proceed concerning nothing being not possible just for her to travel against everything she believes in another five minutes later. the full series of events that happen during this film may are avoided if Alice had simply stood up for what she believed in and wasn’t thus quick to present informed her beliefs. however the illogical narrative points do not stop there, no sir. once the Queen of hearts takes her sister Mirana to a reasonably petty moment in their childhood, what’s her plan? To bust within the door, purpose and shout “LIAR” sort of a cattish college woman and in doing thus virtually ending the globe and every one of your time. conjointly its kind of pathetic that the reason of why the Queen of Hearts is such associate ass hole is as a result of someday her sister Ate the last tart and everlasting her for it. Seriously? it is not even associate excuse, some folks square measure simply born ass holes and also the Queen of Hearts is one in all them.

BUT WAIT there is a lot of, the ending of the film is virtually bull*t saves the day as they straight up lost. Everything was consumed by some brown rust like substance and Alice failed to come the cronosphere in enough time to revive time back to normality… Roll credits? Nope, don’t have any worry the magic conjunction of your time can suddenly create a affiliation to the cronosphere and time is saved cheer for Bachelor of Science. conjointly if Alice virtually relinquishing of the cronosphere before turning to rust then the balance of your time would are improved, thus yea the ending is on the far side stupid.

I may proceed concerning the numerous different aspects of this film that square measure terrible just like the not thus nice sfx that the film chooses to specialise in plenty or however the sfx produce an unsightly world to appear at and nonetheless for a few reason the film persists with lingering on that, however i believe I’ve created my purpose extravagantly clear. this can be not a decent pic plain and easy, concerning the sole factor that is smart concerning this can be hearing Alan Rickman’s voice and seeing Saint Andrew Scott each of that last for like two minutes. Stop attempting to create Tim Burton Alice films happen they don’t seem to be reaching to happen, and that i hope currently that this film has flopped in typical grayback Depp fashion, possibly owing to his spouse beating allegations, that this can be the last we tend to shall see of Annoying Alice and also the ugly Underlandians.

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