American Pastoral (2016) Full Movie Review

  • Ewan McGregor,
  • Philip Roth,
  • John Romano,
  • Ewan McGregor,
  • Jennifer Connelly,
  • Dakota Fanning,
  • Peter Riegert,
  • Rupert Evans,
  • Uzo Aduba,
  • Molly Parker,
  • Valorie Curry,
  • Hannah Nordberg,
  • Julia Silverman,
  • Mark Hildreth,
  • Samantha Mathis,
  • David Strathairn,
  • Ocean James,
  • David Whalen,
  • Corrie Danieley,
  • David Case,
  • Max Ivcic,
  • Chuck Diamond,
  • Brian Knoebel,
  • Carter Ellis,
  • Nick Marzock,
  • Tommy Lafitte,
  • Idole Zinobile,
  • Peter Gannon,
  • Emily Peachey,
  • Jenny Vos,
  • Davion Traylor,
  • Chukky Okobi,
  • Siovhan Christensen,
American Pastoral (2016) [Full Movie]

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  • 108 min
Release Date:
  • 21 October 2016

American Pastoral (2016) watch online free now here, find a quality movie streaming and preferred language. In 1968, a hardworking man, who’s been a staple in his quaint community for years, watches his seemingly perfect middle class life fall apart as his daughter’s new radical political affiliation threatens to destroy their family.

Ewan McGregor’s feature directorial debut. Paul Bettany was cast as Swedee, Jennifer Connelly as his wife and Evan Rachel Wood as their daughter. All dropped out in 2004, after the movie spend many years in development. After 10 years, Connelly returned in the lead role, alongside Ewan McGregor.

The script has been written as early as 2006. Phillip Noyce was set to direct but drop out.

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