The Magnificent Seven (1960) Full Movie Review

  • John Sturges,
  • William Roberts,
  • Walter Bernstein,
  • Walter Newman,
  • Akira Kurosawa,
  • Shinobu Hashimoto,
  • Hideo Oguni,
  • Yul Brynner,
  • Eli Wallach,
  • Steve McQueen,
  • Horst Buchholz,
  • Charles Bronson,
  • Robert Vaughn,
  • Brad Dexter,
  • James Coburn,
  • Jorge Martínez de Hoyos,
  • Vladimir Sokoloff,
  • Rosenda Monteros,
  • Rico Alaniz,
  • Pepe Hern,
  • Natividad Vacío,
  • Mario Navarro,
  • Danny Bravo,
  • John A. Alonzo,
  • Enrique Lucero,
  • Alex Montoya,
  • Robert J. Wilke,
  • Val Avery,
  • Whit Bissell,
  • Bing Russell,
  • Henry Amargo,
  • José Chávez,
  • Roberto Contreras,
  • Jim Davis,
  • Valentin de Vargas,
  • Larry Duran,
  • Victor French,
The Magnificent Seven (1960) [Full Movie]

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  • 128 min
Release Date:
  • 23 November 1960

The Magnificent Seven watch on-line free currently here, notice a top quality moving-picture show streaming and most popular language. Associate in Nursing laden Mexican peasant village hires seven gunfighters to assist defend their homes. A thief terrorizes atiny low Mexican farming village annually. many of the village elders send 3 of the farmers into the us to go looking for gunmen to defend them. They find yourself with seven, every of whom comes for a special reason. they need to prepare the city to repulse a military of thirty bandits UN agency can arrive wanting food.

John Sturges acquires a name as a solid director of superior Westerns crammed with tense action scenes such as: “Escape From Fort Bravo,” “Bad Day at Black Rock,” “Backlash,” “Gunfight At The O.K. Corral,” “The Law and Jack Wade,” “The Last Train From Gun Hill,” “Sergeant 3,” “The praise path,” and one in all the simplest of all Wyatt Earp movies, “Hour of the Gun.”

He succeeds in one in all the foremost exhilarating gap sequences of all Western movies, once he had McQueen and Brynner riding a automotive vehicle up legendary Boot Hill making a mood and peril that ne’er enable the slightest degree of viewer confusion or boredom… For Sturges, the West could be a man’s world, and his cool, hard, detached vogue, action action, excitement and also the rugged surroundings of the frontier, endorses the purpose…

“The Magnificent Seven” comes from Kurosawa’s excellent “The Seven Samurai,” a compelling tale of intimidated and impoverished medieval villagers hiring mercenary warriors to repel thief ravages… The villagers during this case square measure Mexicans, troubled on the far side all bearing by the activities of thief Calavera, UN agency perpetually leaves them on tortillas and few beans… 3 of them cross the border to supply meager pay and sustenance for any professionally virtuoso fighting men UN agency can aid them…

Yul Brynner is that the man, wearing black, with the bright dome and also the hypnotic Mongolian eyes UN agency portrays the distinctive Chris Adams leader of the seven employed gunmen employed to chase some ‘flies from slightly Mexican village.’

Eli Wallach is unforgettable as Calvera, chief of the unpitying outlaws… he’s greedy and cutthroat terrorizing while not pity the poor peasants…

Steve McQueen offers a standout performance because the sarcastic gunman (‘We deal in lead, friend’), carrying appealing ease and sense of humor to his role as Vin, Brynner’s 1st recruit and lieutenant…

Charles Bronson portrays Bernardo O’Reilly, UN agency explains his curious name to Chris, with ‘Mexican on one facet, Irish on the other—and ME within the middle!’ Bronson, the strongest face in Western, and with a trifle of Mexican in him—cunning face, steady eyes, revealing voice—the character of Bernardo O’Reilly suits him utterly… This half-breed gunfighter becomes the conscience of the team… owing to his tender paternal instincts, he’s adopted by 3 kids UN agency promise him, just in case he falls, to bring him, every day, recent flowers…

Robert Vaughn—who was to try and do nicely on TV in “The Man from Uncle” spy spoof— plays Lee, the ‘good gun’ with black gloves and nightmares, living stylish with no enemies alive…

Brad dextral plays Harry Luck, Brynner’s happy friend UN agency returns to hitch the team convinced of the existence of an oversized quantity of hidden gold…

James Coburn makes a giant impression as Britt, the skilled gunman UN agency will out-draw a gun along with his knife-throwing… His appearance and obscure figure of violence square measure quite response for his few talks…

Horst Bucholz represents youth, eagerness, and also the urge to be tested and sorted out from the boys… He was caught on the road by Rosenda Monteros…

Robert J. Wilke is Britt’s demand contestant UN agency swells the ranks of the villains in several Westerns like “High noonday,” “The so much Country,” and “Man of the West.”

The Magnificent Seven’s success spawned 3 sequels: “Return of the Seven” (again leading Yul Brynner), “Guns of The Magnificent Seven” and, last and least of all, “The Magnificent Seven Ride.”

With a terrific Oscar-Nominated score by Elmer Bernstein, “The Magnificent Seven” remains a richly pleasurable Western, shot on location in Morelos state, Mexico…

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