Man on a Tightrope (1953) Full Movie Review

  • James Marsh,
  • Philippe Petit,
  • Philippe Petit,
  • Jean François Heckel,
  • Jean-Louis Blondeau,
  • Annie Allix,
  • David Forman,
  • Alan Welner,
  • Mark Lewis,
  • Barry Greenhouse,
  • Jim Moore,
  • Guy F. Tozzoli,
  • Paul McGill,
  • David Demato,
  • Ardis Campbell,
  • Aaron Haskell,
  • Shawn Dempewolff-Barrett,
  • David Roland Frank,
  • Megan Delay,
  • Laurence Gates,
  • Bruce Kocher,
  • Joel Ney,
  • Robert Sciglimpaglia,
Man on a Tightrope (1953) [Full Movie]

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  • 94 min
Release Date:
  • 29 August 2008

Man on a Tightrope watch on-line free currently here, notice a high quality picture streaming and most popular language. Czech circus owner-Clown and his entire organisation use a daring stratagem so as to flee en bloc from behind the ideological barrier.

In Fifties geographic region circus manager Karel Cernik is coming up with associate get away Communism to freedom.His plan is to force his approach across the guarded border mistreatment his entire circus.Three years within the creating his plan is prepared to be tested once he is suddenly summoned to a law routine questioning concerning his circus’ program.To Cernik it’s clear that he has associate informant among his workers World Health Organization reports his activities and personal talks to the key Police. The Americans area unit simply across the watercourse in an exceedingly close border village however Cernik desires a special allow from the key Police permitting his circus freedom of movement within the border areas to perform his shows.This hard to induce allow is important to his escape arrange.To make matters worse his spouse is being unfaithful, his girl has fallen taken with with the new stables boy,his circus is falling apart and his old rival, Barovik, desires to require over Cernik’s circus.

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Kazan, in his “A Life”, describes this picture largely in terms of early-morning bonding along with his crew, however whereas it contains way fewer emotional lightning-bolts than most metropolis films, it additionally contains some unbelievably poetic violence. albeit it’s onerous to inform if it’s simply in haste staged or artistically muted, unit of ammunition of a lookout man being killed just under the screen is each intimate and shielding. The battle scenes area unit exciting, short, and good. metropolis takes no credit in the slightest degree, spoken language that abundant of the film was devised by producer Gerd Lee Harvey Oswald and camera operator Georg Kraus. Strange and distributed, this can be a really attention-grabbing film.

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