The Handmaiden (2016) Full Movie Review

  • Chan-wook Park,
  • Sarah Waters,
  • Chan-wook Park,
  • Seo-kyeong Jeong,
  • Min-hee Kim,
  • Tae-ri Kim,
  • Jung-woo Ha,
  • Jin-woong Jo,
  • Hae-suk Kim,
  • So-ri Moon,
  • Si-yeon Ha,
  • Ha-na Han,
  • Ha-dam Jeong,
  • Eun-hyung Jo,
  • Eun-yeong Kim,
  • In-woo Kim,
  • Dong-hwi Lee,
  • Kyu-jung Lee,
  • Yong-nyeo Lee,
  • Kim Si-eun,
  • Rina Takagi,
  • Min-chae Yoo,
The Handmaiden (2016) [Full Movie]

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  • 144 min
Release Date:
  • 1 June 2016

The Handmaiden (2016) watch on-line free currently here, realize a top quality picture show streaming and most well-liked language. a girl is employed as a handmaiden to a Japanese heir, however on the QT she is concerned in a very plot to rip off her.

1930s Korea, within the amount of Japanese occupation, a brand new woman (Sookee) is employed as a handmaiden to a Japanese heir (Hideko) UN agency lives a secluded life on an oversized rural area estate along with her masterful Uncle (Kouzuki). however the maid encompasses a secret. She may be a stealer recruited by a chiseler motion as a Japanese Count to assist him seduce the girl to take flight with him, rob her of her fortune, and lock her up in a very mental home. The arrange looks to proceed in step with arrange till Sookee and Hideko discover some sudden emotions.

What got American state hyped to observe this picture show was as a result of it absolutely was directed by Park Chan-wook. he’s essentially the filmmaker of Korea, wherever he creates inventive movies that the thought audiences will relish. I in person thought it absolutely was lacking once it came to substance compared to his previous films. i believed that it’d turn over a lot of into humanity and psychological parts. It will have those parts during this however it did not intrigue American state love it did compared to his previous work. i will be able to say it’s completely different from his previous work. this point around it tries to travel therein recent fashion film-making vogue. currently Park Chan-wook’s signature brutality, ugly violence however alittle of black humour continues to be intact. What drives this picture show is not the subconscious of the human mind and humanity. however it extremely will uses the motion-picture photography to drive the story forward. The representational process is vivid, spirited and extremely careful. once it involves Korean motion-picture photography this film is tops therein department. It’s one among the most factors that unbroken American state targeted throughout the total issue. Park Chan-wook extremely did master his craft once it involves shooting his films. conjointly this is often one among the few films really have} seen wherever the sexual innuendos actually moves the story forward. rather than it simply getting used to arouse the audiences.

The disputable film from Korean master Chan-wook Park evokes the amorousness of Abdellatif Kechiche’s “Blue is that the Warmest Colour” and Park’s own signature violence and thrills. Set within the Thirties Japanese occupied Korea, it is a story of a young feminine stealer (Kim Tae-ri) UN agency becomes a handmaiden to an exquisite Japanese heir (Min-hee Kim). However, she should manage to convert the heir to marry a conman (Jung-woo Ha) UN agency poses as a count, that she’s going to get an opportunity for a far better life. She gets into an ethical perplexity once she starts developing feelings for the heir.

The Handmaiden may be a triumph on each level. The film is split into 3 chapters, all giving completely different perspective. This way, the story is absolutely structured to administer a lot of and a lot of insight because the film progresses, however at an equivalent time, keep the viewers shot. It offers a number of surprises on the means moreover. Visually, it is a feast for the eyes. The term “every frame a painting” gets overused, however it extremely fits here. i am not solely talking concerning motion-picture photography, that offered many unforgettable shots and exquisite scenery, however the costume and set style. The 3 leads all gave terrific performances. sheet music by Yeong-wook evokes, or higher same, amplifies the emotions and also the cliff-hanging tone. Despite the run time of two hours and twenty four minutes, it ne’er gets uninteresting, it’s extremely equally paced throughout. i could not look for a second.

One issue must be addressed , the film is kind of express. That being same, it ne’er gets vulgar, the sex scenes square measure worn out good style, they ne’er query of place and they are not there only for the sake of it. the link between the characters and also the physical presentation of it square measure integral to the film. it is a film concerning passion, abuse, jealousy, betrayal and deception, however most of all, it’s associate atypical story, which is able to build one love and hate the protagonists at an equivalent time. It’s original and daring work of art that may keep on with viewers long once it’s finished.

Whenever Chan-wook Park makes a movie, it should beyond any doubt be compared to his masterpiece, “Oldboy”. i do not suppose that “The Handmaiden” surpasses it, however it comes terribly shut. With this film, he tested himself to be one among the best operating administrators these days. it is the best film I’ve seen this year, one that i can not wait to go back. it is not to be lost.

Watching The Handmaiden is a stimulating, reminiscent of expertise like the director’s alternative work, although it doesn’t reach the heights of Oldboy (2003), it’s extremely diverting. The story is absolutely fascinating, leading you on till it’s able to reveal what’s really beneath the film’s skirt. like most films that square measure separated into elements, there’s a rather weaker one within the middle, because the picture show slows down and back tracks for you to catch up. However, overall this was a very fascinating script that suited the new setting (Korea below Japanese colonial rule) well.

Similar with Park Chan-Wook’s alternative films that I actually have seen, Oldboy (2003) and Stoker (2013), this is often a stunning picture show. superbly shot sets that look unimaginable, and also the estate on that most of the film takes place is an unbelievable location. the attractive costumes replicating the first twentieth century fundamental quantity build this film quite visually beautiful. The performances by the 3 main stars Kim Min- hee, HA Jung-woo and Kim Tae-ri were all exceptional.

One of the film’s strengths is its ability to seamlessly incorporate comedic parts into what may are quite an serious picture show. in a very picture show that involves themes like suicide and fraud, it’s laborious to believe what number times it created the audience laugh aloud. though the tone will get darker every now and then, the lighter moments build it simply a very fun picture show moreover. though the music wasn’t as wonderful because the song utilized in the international trailer, it will serve its purpose effectively. There also are minor details just like the use of colour in the subtitles to tell apart between Korean and Japanese that i actually appreciated.

The film conjointly involves a high level of bacchanalia that ends up in it being terribly sexually graphic in several elements of the film. though the director has done similar things within the past, I felt like in those earlier films it served a lot of of a purpose whereas during this film, whereas there square measure some moments that do develop characters and also the story, there’s associate abundance of gratuitous sex scenes that elongate the picture show slightly an excessive amount of.

I found The Handmaiden to be a very gratifying film that did not frustrate my expectations of the director. it absolutely was a very intriguing story that’s complimented by the nice craft of all those concerned. The film will show some undue sex scenes that will be off golf shot to some viewers however some may additionally relish it.

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