The Mirror (2014) Full Movie Review

  • Edward Boase,
  • Edward Boase,
  • Keidrych Wasley,
  • Jemma Dallender,
  • Joshua Dickinson,
  • Nate Fallows,
  • Abby Ford,
  • Roisin Rae,
The Mirror (2014) [Full Movie]

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  • 88 min
Release Date:
  • 8 September 2014

The Mirror (2014) watch on-line free currently here, realize a high quality motion picture streaming and most well-liked language. 3 flatmates purchase a haunted mirror on eBay to assert the one thousand thousand dollar Paranormal Prize offered by the James Randi Foundation. Their need to win blinds them to the evil forces they need brought into their world, that actual a terrible revenge.

‘The Mirror’ starts out as your usual paranormal found footage fright flick, however with a small twist – nothing happens. The film starts off with the unwrapping of the foremost pathetic haunted antique ever placed on film, and manages to travel down hill from that moment on. The motion picture consists of ninety minutes of a bloke sleep walking, wetting his pants, and somehow surgically removing his eyes during a fashion that leaves no traces of blood behind, a minimum of not within the living accommodations (probably a budget issue, since faux blood in all probability prices concerning $2 a pop.)

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One of the finer moments within the film comes throughout a probable break in of the flat, that has our 3 friends coming back home and finding their door kicked in. Now, most traditional folks would inform the police of this issue, since, well, the door was clearly opened from the out aspect – however instead, they somehow return to the conclusion that a phantasmal presence caused this. If we expect concerning it, i suppose it can be doable that the apparition was slightly confused concerning it’s whereabouts at the time.

Yes, let’s escort that.

Random Ramblings of a Madman: ‘The Mirror’ is handily the foremost idly place along found footage film to this point, that is admittedly unhealthy, since that is however most found footage films area unit place along – they are a low budget director’s dreaming, nevertheless whoever place this factor along, comes across as an individual UN agency extremely has no plan what the hell he/she is doing.

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