The Strangers 2 Full Movie Review

  • Bryan Bertino,
  • Bryan Bertino,
  • Alex Fisher,
  • Peter Clayton-Luce,
  • Scott Speedman,
  • Liv Tyler,
  • Gemma Ward,
  • Kip Weeks,
  • Laura Margolis,
  • Glenn Howerton,
  • Jordan Del Spina,
The Strangers 2 [Full Movie]

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  • 86 min
Release Date:
  • 30 May 2008

The Strangers 2 watch online free now here, find a quality movie streaming and preferred language. The plot follows a family of four who have been evicted from their home due to the economy, and are paid a visit by the same three strangers from the first film. It is not known whether the sequel will follow a theatrical or a straight-to-DVD release. Liv Tyler will return as Kristen McKay while the original three masked villains are also set to return, however, in an interview Tyler had announced that she would only have a minor role.

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