Vampire Diary (2006) Full Movie Review

  • Matthew Diamond,
  • Bill Boulware,
  • Jim Gerkin,
  • Brian Pollack,
  • Mert Rich,
  • Barry Fanaro,
  • Mort Nathan,
  • Chi McBride,
  • Max Baker,
  • Dann Florek,
  • Christine Estabrook,
  • Kelly Connell,
Vampire Diary (2006) [Full Movie]

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  • 30 min
Release Date:
  • 5 October 1998

Vampire Diary (2006) watch on-line free currently here, notice a top quality picture streaming and most popular language. while creating a documentary, producer Holly meets the extremely enigmatic and exquisite Vicki World Health Organization claims she could be a real-life lamia. By turns fascinated by and interested in her, Holly thinks that Vicki might be her lover and shortly the 2 start a frenzied affair. but Vicki’s lust for blood is growing and once Holly discovers that Vicki is pregnant with a ‘vampire’ baby, she is drawn into a spiral of death, deceit and betrayal from that she’s going to ne’er emerge.

This is a good piece of amusement that manages to beat ethical retardation and painfully clichéd “real video” film-making through brevity, hot sex scenes and inventive understood violence.

Holly (Morven Macbeth) could be a fille creating a documentary regarding the questionable “weekend vampire” social group in England. Her work consists of taking one camera and following four goth friends around as they dress up and play at being technomusic bloodsuckers. The story sets up these four friends as vital on the other hand nearly utterly disregards them as Holly meets a mysterious fille named Vicki (Anne Walton). Vicky has her own video camera and films Holly even as Holly films everybody else. Holly lets this enticing interloper occupy her housing once she has no wherever else to travel and therefore the 2 of them find yourself in some spicy girl-on-girl action. Their attraction seems to be over physical and Holly starts to stress regarding wherever Vicki goes once she leaves the housing within the middle of the night. It seems Holly is distressed regarding the incorrect person obtaining hurt, as a result of Vicky could be a real lamia. She does not change into a bat and is not frightened of garlic or daylight, however Vicki will would like blood to survive. Holly helps her get that blood, even when she finds out that Vicki had killed 2 of the goth friends from the beginning of the film. however once Vicki announces she’s pregnant with a lamia baby and her desire is increasing owing to it, our lovers ar forced into a lot of and a lot of extreme acts.

Let American state set out with the numerous negatives of lamia Diary. This picture is completed “real video” vogue with everything being either by Holly’s camera or Vicki’s camera and it gets annoying in terribly order. on the far side the actual fact that “real video” pseudodocumentaries are done to death, this picture does not even use the technique for any explicit purpose. The pretenses of the documentary ar abandoned too soon and it simply becomes 2 young ladies World Health Organization film one another for no cheap purpose. however when it stops being a documentary, the picture throws during a bunch of stuff like news reports, montages and even flashbacks that create no sense if it’s simply 2 folks with cameras recording themselves. and so at the tip of the film they solely throw all the “real video” rules out the window and therefore the camera starts zooming in once no one’s operative it and alternative not possible things. lamia Diary would are far better if it had simply been shot sort of a traditional picture. These filmmakers clearly have the talent and talent to try and do that and it might have spared the audience all of the contrived crap.

The other drawback with lamia Diary is that it ne’er appears to quite perceive why killing folks is unhealthy. There ar some moments once Holly feebly objects to Vicki’s slaughter, however there are not any lasting emotional or ethical consequences to the murders. By downplaying that, though, the film undercuts all the stress and suspense that is purported to be generated by the killing. rather than it being a case wherever Holly’s resistance to Vicki’s nature is step by step dampened over time, she simply switches from being daunted by murder to being okay with murder whenever it suits the Almighty Plot Hammer.

Most films with 2 such flaws would suck fairly exhausting. lamia Diary manages to still be watchable due to 3 main factors. it’s extremely quick paced, Anne Walton and Morven male monarch ar smart actresses World Health Organization look really expert naked and filmmakers Mark Jones and Phil O’Shea have some real talent. Once you get past the “real video” contrivances, {they come|they ar available} up with some nice imaging and scenes that are well staged and well paced.

If lamia Diary had distributed with the “real video” nonsense and enclosed some variety of ethical center, it might be a awfully smart film. As it is, lamia Diary could be a problematic film that is many steps higher than most low budget cinema. If you are a lamia fan, notably a devotee of lesbian bloodsuckers, you’ll likely am passionate about it. If that is not your cup of tea, you may still relish it as a promising little bit of film-making.

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