Westworld (1973) Full Movie Review

  • Michael Crichton,
  • Michael Crichton,
  • Yul Brynner,
  • Richard Benjamin,
  • James Brolin,
  • Norman Bartold,
  • Alan Oppenheimer,
  • Victoria Shaw,
  • Dick Van Patten,
  • Linda Gaye Scott,
  • Steve Franken,
  • Michael T. Mikler,
  • Terry Wilson,
  • Majel Barrett,
  • Anne Randall,
  • Julie Marcus,
  • Sharyn Wynters,
  • Anne Bellamy,
  • Chris Holter,
  • Charles Seel,
  • Wade Crosby,
  • Nora Marlowe,
  • Lin Henson,
  • Orville Sherman,
  • C. Lindsay Workman,
  • Lauren Gilbert,
  • Davis Roberts,
  • Howard Platt,
  • Richard Roat,
  • Kenneth Washington,
  • Jared Martin,
  • Robert Patten,
Westworld (1973) [Full Movie]

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  • 88 min
Release Date:
  • 8 December 1973

Westworld (1973) watch on-line free currently here, notice a high quality flick streaming and most popular language. In 1983, a automaton malfunction creates mayhem and terror for unsuspecting vacationers at a artistic movement, adult-themed common. Associate in Nursing common for made vacationers. The park offers its customers the simplest way to measure out their fantasies through the utilization of robots that provide something they require. 2 of the vacationers select a Wild West journey. However, when a pc breakdown, they notice that they’re currently being pedunculate by a varlet automaton gun-slinger.

Classic sci-fi heroic tale of the 70’s, Westworld may be a film that ne’er fails to be fun and engrossing in its own tasteless method.

Two buddies persist vacation to a sophisticated resort wherever they will live out a Wild West journey among human-like robots. sadly, the robots area unit setting out to malfunction and our human guests could also be sure additional excitement than they bargained for.

Michael scholar delivers an inspired and fascinating story with this film. It packs lots of intense action and increasing suspense, that firmly keeps the viewer on edge! Crichton’s direction is additionally solidly cooked, making a presumptive feel with the assistance of some sensible special FX (especially with the droids).

Cast-wise the film is nice yet. Yul Brynner will a splendidly creepy performance because the robotic gun for hire that simply will not stop coming! Richard Benjamin will a pleasant flip because the timid visitant World Health Organization should fight to survive, as will his friend contend by James Brolin.

Westworld is really gratifying sci-fi/thriller excitement and stands mutually of the most effective genre films of the ’70s.

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