Wir sind die Flut (2016) Full Movie Review

  • Sebastian Hilger,
  • Nadine Gottmann,
  • Max Mauff,
  • Lana Cooper,
  • Gro Swantje Kohlhof,
  • Roland Koch,
  • Max Herbrechter,
  • Hildegard Schroedter,
  • Waldemar Hooge,
  • Mikke Emil Rasch,
  • Ulrike Hübschmann,
  • Hede Beck,
  • Marcell Kaiser,
  • Michael Epp,
  • Olav Dennhoven,
  • Tim Kalkhof,
  • Frederike Bohr,
  • Bernd Rabehl,
  • Monika Schüler,
  • Guido Struck,
  • Alexander Jozifek,
  • Theresa Sophie Leopold,
Wir sind die Flut (2016) [Full Movie]

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  • 84 min
Release Date:
  • 10 November 2016

Wir sind die Flut (2016) watch on-line free currently here, notice a high quality picture streaming and most popular language. On the outline of Windholm one morning fifteen years past the ocean simply disappeared. Since then the emptiness has been raising queries and anxiety. The reason for the development remains unclear. With a brand new theory at hand the man of science Micha (28) is one in every of several young scientists UN agency is making an attempt to urge his hands on to 1 of his university’s rare scholarships to explore the phenomena. once the numerous years of labor he has place into the project he should yet again see however a daring plan ends at the doors of the old institution – he receives a rejection. At a similar time Jana (31), female offspring of the institute’s boss and Micha’s former colleague on the project, resurfaces at the university. this does not create true any easier for Micha. A year past she left him and therefore the project and ran off to European country. Jana has currently came to place an explicit finish to her scientific career – however there’s one thing else: Jana needs to clarify one thing with Micha. once Micha decides to require the trip to Windholm to prove his hypothesis despite the rejection and while not official permission she joins him. In Windholm the young scientists ar confronted with the remains of a village community that has ne’er been ready to overcome their trauma. On the day the ocean disappeared – thus did all the kids from the viallge. however have the youngsters extremely submerged that day? Their bodies were ne’er found. Micha clings to rational thinking and solely the scientific development is of his concern. however as his measurements take longer than planned the village pulls him deeper and deeper into its spell. Micha meets Hanna (19) the sole remaining kid. She tries to reconstruct the neglected public pool, guides tourists through the village and is convinced that the youngsters ar still out there somewhere. Jana strikes the thought that it’s no coincidence that Micha and her are cause this place. Abandoned homes and playgrounds, alittle footprint on the empty ground of the ocean, the area of a boy UN agency dreamt of turning into associate traveler – this can be wherever Micha and Jana have to be compelled to return to terms with their own past and a loss.

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